Tête à Tête, 2019
Enamelled shpere lamp shade, wood board, found chrome steel racks,
fur coat received as a gift 
110 x 70 x 80 cm (45 x 30 x 30 in.)



Round About Through Flowers, 2019
Storage box, lamp, lampshade holder, glass vase, glass plug
30 x 30 x 20 cm (12 x 12 x 8 in.)

Be with Me (I), 2017
Steel, pins, plasticine, thread, chrome steel frame of a used chair, glass vases, fabric remnants, broken glass lamp shade, used mesh bag
130 x 50 x 80 cm (50 x 20 x 30 in.)

Intwo, 2018
Steel, black pouder coating, plasticine, used blanket
115 x 52 x 145 cm (45 x 20 x 57 in.)
Heizkörper, 2018
Black pouder coated steel, old radiator found on the streets, curtain, on top: pins, threads, handles of a found bag, metal shell of a found belt, various other fabric remnants
60 x 65 x 70 cm (23 x 25 x 27 in.), curtain variable

Be with Me (II), 2017
Found boards, chrome steel frame of a used chair, chrome steel, fabric remnants, fragment of a destroyed african stone sculpture, used Êau de Cologne, marble, pins, threads, plasticine
180 x 150 x 80 cm (71 x 60 x 30 in.)

Be with Me (III), 2017
Plasticine, fabric remnants, fragment of a destroyed african stone sculpture, beauty magazine found in the rain, mirror fragment broken out of the lamp shade in ‚Be with Me (I)‘, unused folded canvas, used chrome steel kitchen surface, used wooden board, ball chain
150 x 50 x 300 cm (60 x 20 x 120 in.)

Coffee & Milk, 2018

Fragments of a used metal bed frame with pouder coated steel legs, used table top, pillowcase with a coffee stain, doormats, found glass vase, wall paint

145 x 60 x 73 cm

Shutter, 2018
Found wooden boards with rusty hinges, pouder coated steel legs, MDF, varnish
Each 220 x 60 x 30 cm

Built with Berta.me