* born in Chur GR, Switzerland

works and lives in Bermuda


2019            VORDEMBERGE- GILDEWART Award Show, Rapperswil, CH 

                    JAHRESAUSSTELLUNG 2018, Bündner Kunstmuseum, Chur, CH

2018            ACT OF HOMEMAKING - CLAIMING SPACE, DadaPost, Berlin

                    PRESERVES, PRESERVES, Artist run, Peckham, London

                    YOUNG GODS, Cuadro22, Chur, CH

                    DEGREE SHOW, Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, London

2017            JAHRESAUSSTELLUNG 2017, Bündner Kunstmuseum, Chur, CH

                    AS IT STANDS ..., Hundred Years Gallery, London

                    OFFENES ATELIER AARAU, Weinbergstrasse, Aarau, Switzerland

                    WASTE NOT, WANT NOT, Room., 3 Ada Road, London 

2016            GREEN ISSUE, Chroma Collections, Art Hub Gallery, London

                    BLACK & WHITE ISSUE, Chroma, The Crypt Gallery, London

2015            COLLECTION by Géraldine Honauer, Kunst 15, Zürich 

                    DIPLOMAUSSTELLUNG, Kunsthaus Langenthal, Switzerland

                    THE REEBOOM, Raum No.18, Duflon Racz, Berne, Switzerland 

2014            INTERFERENZEN, by Konrad Gruber, Bern, Switzerland

                    IT WHITE, Kulturesk, Bern, Switzerland


2018            The White Pube, http://www.thewhitepube.co.uk/flurina-sokoll-slade

2016             monoCHROMA: Black and White Issue, chromacollections.org

2013            FRAGMENTS  Bleached Bleached Issue No.4 by IKO IKO, USA 



2016 - 2018        Master Fine Art (MFA), Sculpture, Dean's List UCL 2018

                           SLADE School of Fine Art, University College London, UK

2012 - 2015        Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts

                           Berne University of Applied Sciences BFH (HKB), Switzerland 

2011 - 2012        One year remedial course in Art and Design, Propädeutikum

                            University of the Arts Zurich, Switzerland

2006 - 2009        General nurse, Swiss Red Cross degree diploma qualification

                           Advanced College Careum and Triemli Hospital Zurich

2001 - 2006        Maturity certificate

                            Gymnasium Köniz Lerbermatt, Switzerland


2019                   Nomination Vordemberge Gildewart Award 2019

2018                   Dean's List UCL, 2018

                           SLADE Prize 2018, London

                           Shortlist MANOR Award Canton Grisons, Switzerland 2019

2017                   Shortlist ASC Bursary Prize

                           Shortlist Red Mansion Art Prize

2016                   Thomas Scholarship Award, SLADE, UCL, London

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